Stormwater Fees

Fees and Charges


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Stormwater Monthly Utility Fees


What are Stormwater Monthly Utility fees used for in our community?

  • Repairing storm drainage infrastructure
  • Improving surface water quality
  • Developing detailed watershed plans
  • Educating the public about stormwater issues
  • Reducing flood risks


Stormwater Billing


 How is my Stormwater bill determined?

Stormwater fees are based on a property’s impervious surface area such as rooftops, gravel or paved driveways, parking lots, private sidewalks (not within the right of way).  The more impervious surface, the more stormwater runoff flows from the property into the storm drainage system. Homes with the least amount of impervious surface area pay the lowest Stormwater fee.


My tenant has the water account in their name, why is the Stormwater fee not on their bill?

The City’s Stormwater charter instructs us to assign the Stormwater fee to property owners specifically. In the case where the property owner also holds the account, we apply the Stormwater charge to the water bill. Commercial properties are different in that the Stormwater charter allows us, in certain circumstances, to assign the Stormwater fee to the tenant.


Stormwater Fee for Tier 1, 2, and 3 for Fiscal Year 2024

Stormwater Fee Fiscal Year of July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024


Impervious Surface

Monthly Fee

Tier 1 For impervious surfaces up to 2,000 square feet The monthly fee is $4.23
Tier 2 For impervious surfaces 2,001 to 4,000 square feet The monthly fee is $6.75
Tier 3 For impervious surfaces over 4,001 square feet The monthly fee is $9.29
Non-single family properties

Monthly fee applies

1 ERU= 2442 sq ft of impervious surface

The monthly fee is $6.75 per ERU


Notice: Some accounts are billed bi-monthly and others semi-annually, but are shown here as monthly fee for comparison.


Impervious Surface


What is considered an impervious surface?

Impervious surfaces are hard surfaces that do not allow rain to absorb into the ground.


What is not counted as an impervious area?

Areas covered with grass, trees, and gardens are not included when measuring impervious surface area.


How is the size of impervious area determined for my property?

Impervious surfaces are identified and measured using digital mapping and aerial photography supplied by the state for each parcel.